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23 October 2014 @ 10:17 pm
Pay It Forward  
Shamelessly stolen from goddess47, who stole it from who_la_hoop.

So, I really like the idea of the Pay it Forward initiative: people who comment on this post will receive a surprise from me at some point by this time next year. I am feeling a bit le suck at the moment, and I thought that this might cheer me up a bit, as it's fun sending people mail ♥ Also, I thought it might be a fun way to reacquaint myself with fandom and get to know my f-list a little better.

SO, if you would like to receive a surprise from me at some point, then please leave your name and address on this post; comments are screened! (If you would be alarmed to receive something you will then need to explain to your family, please add that in your comment, and I will send you a postcard or something innocuous rather than fandom related! :D You will know it is from me because it will come from Ohio and I will cunningly sign it Michelle, because that is my name.)

Also, if you want something fandom-related, please specify which fandom in your comment. If you don't, you may or may not get something completely unrelated to any fandom.